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How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

Abortion cost differs between abortion clinics. Typically offices that perform abortion are independent and decide their own abortion cost based on a variety of factors. Usually the cost of an abortion in the first trimester is several hundred dollars. The abortion cost of a second trimester may be typically higher.

Medicaid and other social services cover the abortion cost in some states. Please check your local office to find out whether the cost of an abortion is covered in your state.

Abortion cost may be enhanced by the use of anesthesia to reduce discomfort or the present of additional heath care providers such as an anesthesiologist. Abortion cost may also be adjusted if you need Rhogam or birth control such as Depo Provera at the time of the procdure. The abortion cost in these circumstances is often quite variable.

If you desire a termination of your pregnancy, please look through the directory to find a provider and call them and ask them questions regarding the abortion cost and their office.

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